E Versions of R Packages Used

If you are seeing different results than what is in the book, we recommend installing the exact version of the package we used. This can be done by first installing the remotes package via install.packages("remotes"). Then, use install_version() replacing the package argument with the package name in quotes and the version argument with the particular version number to install.2

remotes::install_version(package = "moderndive", version = "0.3.0")
package version
broom 0.5.2
dplyr 0.8.3
fivethirtyeight 0.5.0
forcats 0.4.0
gapminder 0.3.0
ggplot2 3.2.1
ggplot2movies 0.0.1
ISLR 1.2
janitor 1.2.0
kableExtra 1.1.0
knitr 1.26
mvtnorm 1.0-11
nycflights13 1.0.1
patchwork 0.0.1
purrr 0.3.3
readr 1.3.1
scales 1.1.0
skimr 1.0.7
stringr 1.4.0
tibble 2.1.3
tidyr 1.0.0
tidyverse 1.2.1
viridis 0.5.1
viridisLite 0.3.0

  1. As of October 2019, the patchwork package is not on CRAN and needs to be installed via remotes::install_github("thomasp85/patchwork") instead of using install_version().